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Yitpic - the Internet's best filter sharing community!
250+ fillters and growing!
Create and share your filters!

Yitpic is the first image editing app for iPad and iPad Mini that lets you create and share your filters with other artists and photographers across the Internet!

Every image is unique, so it's tough to get the most out of your images with just presets. Yitpic lets you tweak the filter after you've applied it, bringing out the best in your artwork!

* Over 200 preset filters!
* Create your own filters from several available textures and lighting effects
* Share your custom filters with other Yitpic users
* Share your photos to Facebook, Twitter, and
* Share your artistic talent by helping other users tweak their raw images

It's simple to use and the quickest way to create striking and unique artwork to share with your friends and family!

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